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Living Pool Church is proud to be a sponsor and supporter of Grace Bethel Ministries India. Prasanthi in our eyes is in a way very much like Heidi Baker is to the Africans. Prasanthi, although she was born in India and grew up in the religious system of its time however one day she gave her heart to the Lord Jesus and is now passionate about Him and follows Him whole-heartedly.

Prasanthi is an Evangelist who has planted 5 Churches and overseers many Pastors in the last few years. But her real challenge is not with cultural issues as such, being a Christian in India alone has its challenges, not to mention being a female Pastor and overseeing so many other ministries, but her real issue is doing all this without support or finances in a hostile nation. But God has begun to open doors for her and her work and impact is growing. If you have a heart for this ministry and would love to donate please do so freely on the links below. You can choose to pay a once off donate or you can give on a monthly basis:

Grace Bethel Ministries - About

Grace Bethel Ministries - Orphanage

Grace Bethel Ministries - Widows & Aged Care

Grace Bethel Ministries - Ministry to the Lepers

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