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Healing Seminar Session 1

Does God still heal today? Is it ever God’s will for you not to be healed? How is healing accomplished? These are some of the controversial issues dealt with in Session 1 of the Healing Seminar. In Session 1 we also lay the foundation of your complete healing that was accomplished in Christ’s atonement and the fullness of your salvation: spirit, soul, and body.

Healing Seminar Hand Out
Healing Seminar Healing Seminar Session 1 - Byron Hamilton

Healing Seminar Session 2

Session 2 of the Healing Seminar traces the blessings and curses of the Law in the Old Covenant to their fulfilment and completion in Christ in the New Covenant. We study the healing ministry of Jesus, His total dependence on the Father to heal through Him, and His commission to the disciples and the church to preach the gospel and heal the sick. By studying the details of Jesus’ ministry, we learn how to heal ourselves and others and how to maintain our healing.

Healing Seminar Healing Seminar Session 2 - Byron Hamilton

Financial Prosperity in the Kingdom

What does the Bible teach about financial prosperity? Does God want believers to prosper? Should believers expect to prosper? How does one prosper God’s way? Financial Prosperity in the Kingdom studies the principles of prosperity from a Kingdom perspective. You will learn the great exchange of the cross regarding poverty and prosperity, how to get rid of your financial lack, how to release your financial blessings, how to increase your flow of finances, and what to do with it when it arrives.

2012_06_17 Financial Prosperity in the Kingdom - Byron Hamilton


Can a true born-again Christian live in absolute confidence? What is it that governs our confidence, is it by what we do or who we are in Christ? Learn how you can live in Kingdom confidence because of the finished work of Christ. Learn that we don't have to fear because of the things we do or don't do.

2012_04_22 Confidence

Settling the issue of Salvation once and for all

he issue of salvation has plagued the church for centuries and has even divided it. The issue of losing your salvation is not just a theological argument it is one of truth versus a lie. This teaching will challenge what you believe to the very core. It will help you to settle the issue in your own heart once and for all and to equip you to live in the freedom of the Gospel of Grace.

2012_06_17 Settling the issue of Salvation

Walking in a greater realm of the supernatural Part 1

Jesus did not come to give us just a simple happy natural life, he came to gives us a new life full of the supernatural. Hear how the Lord is restoring the supernatural back into the church like in the Book of Acts through the restoration of the foundations of Grace. You will be equipped with biblical principles that will enable you to walk in a greater dimension of the supernatural and equip you to do the greater works.

2012_06_24 Walking in the Supernatural Part 1

Walking in a greater realm of the supernatural Part 2

Much of the church if focused on the empowering aspect of God's Grace and not understanding that it is God's acceptance Grace we need to focus on in order for God's power to manifest. It is through understanding the Gospel of Grace and the gift of righteousness, in an ever revealing manner that manifests, not only for salvation but also for healing, wellness, blessing, protections etc. Learn how through the finished work of the Gospel you can be equipped through God's unconditional love to walk in a greater realm of the supernatural.

2012_07_01 Walking in the Supernatural Part 2

Good News or Good Advice?

Gospel really is Good News, it is not good advice. Learn how God reveal the Gospel to Abraham and he believed that God was out to do him good. Discover the reason why God credits us righteousness, it is not because God offers us righteousness but reveals himself to be a Good God that wants to bless us. Learn how to discern the false gospels, false apostles , false Jesus’ by what they present. Learn that Paul rebuked Peter because he drifted back under law and by doing so presents a false gospel and a false Jesus.

2012_07_22 Good News or Good Advice

Acceptance Grace Pt1

Is our acceptance based on what we do or don't do? Learn how the Gospel of Grace restores healthy identity. Learn that we can be secure because our accpetance is based on the finished work of Christ not ours. At the Cross Jesus closed every possible loophole to keep you secure in him. Acceptance Grace will cause us to walk as Sons and manifest His Kingdom.

2012_09_30 Acceptance Grace Part 1

Acceptance Grace Pt2

Con't. Learn how Jesus sealed all possibilities so that you can walk in absolute security. As in the days of Noah it was God who sealed the door shut, so we can walk with security knowing that Jesus sealed the door to any possibility of falling. Jesus was despised and rejected so that we would never have to feel unaccepted by the Father.

2012_10_07 Acceptance Grace Part 2

The Significance of the Menorah

Have you ever wondered what the Menorah represents? In this teaching we learn the different aspects of the menorah and what they signify. Learn that the Menorah has been fulfilled in Christ and we the Church embodies God's determination to spread the Gospel of Grace to all nations.

The Menorah and its Significance notes
2012_11_04 The Menorah

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt1

It is God's desire that we be equipped in these last days to rule and reign in life as sons of God. To reign is to operate as royalty, decreeing the rule and reign of the King. But the key to ruling and reigning is the gift of righteousness. In this lesson you will understand what Adam lost in order to appreciate what Last Adam gained for us.

2012_12_02 Reigning Through Righteousness

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt2

Righteousness becomes the framework for us to reign in life. The only thing that affects faith is the law. Through the gift of righteousness we can operate in a higher realm of miracles and faith. Learn that when we are so conditioned to living life from a place of "doing" rather than "being" this becomes the reason why so many don't see miracles, blessings or favour.

2012_12_09 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt2

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt3

Dealing with hindrances that stop us from ruling and reigning in life. We need to contend to be free from the basic principles of this world. They will not only become hindrances but will enslave us.

2012_12_16 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt3

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt4

Con't. Dealing with hindrances that stop us from ruling and reigning in life. It is the Law that is the only thing that will hinder and limit us from ruling and reigning in life. Having a revelation of the gift of righteousness will equip us to walk in what God has designed for us.

2012_12_30 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt4

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