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We are honoured to shared our messages with you, we believe you will be blessed by all the teachings.

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Reigning Through Righteousness Pt5

Can a Christian be "homeless"? Many Christians believe they are living under the new Covenant but are not. This powerful teaching will open your eyes to the truth of the Gospel of Grace and equip you to walk in new covenant realities. Learn that the old covenant "house" was demolished and that as Christians it is illegal to hold onto both "title deeds".

2013_01_06 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt5

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt6

The Rest of Righteousness. Come and take a guided tour of God's rest - the New Covenant house. God's rest was created for us, it is our inheritance now and it is the most wonderful place Christians get to live out of. It is a life where Jesus is of total value and of total effect in our lives.

2013_01_13 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt6

Reigning Through Righteousness Pt7

Established in Righteousness - The Key to ruling and reigning in life. God's desire and purpose is to establish believers in His rest. To live 24/7 from a place of peace and rest. In order that we can be blessed and be a source of blessing.

2013_01_20 Reigning Through Righteousness Pt7

God Will Make a Way 

Come on a journey of discovery of learning how God made a way throughout history in order to reveal his grace and goodness to mankind.

2013_01_27 God will make a way


Come and hear the Gospel you may have never heard of in church. Learn that the Gospel is more than salvation, more than forgiveness of sins. The Gospel that Paul preached was radical, he was opposed by the religious people of his time. But God is reforming our theology in these last and greatest days, will you oppose it or embrace it?

2013_02_03 The Gospel

I'm Doing A New Thing

God is preparing his church this year for something great. But it will be those who have a revelation of God's unconditional love and grace that will move in extra ordinary miracle, signs and wonders. It will be the "foolish" ones that God will use. But we must learn to have the right framework or we can miss it, or even oppose it. Learn how to shake off religious mindsets in order move in the greater works.

2013_02_17 I'm Doing a New Thing

Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

God gave the church supernatural gifts for a purpose.  Learn how to activate, how to discern God's promptings, the different languages and flow in greater measure the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This teaching will equip believers practically how to operate in the gifts effortlessly.

2013_03_03 Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Truth about the Sinful Nature

At the Cross Jesus not only forgave our sins but he obliterated them. Many Christians are still struggling with sin issues not because they are in sin but because they do not understand what happened to their sinful nature. The truth is that Christians no longer have a sinful nature, it was cut out and thrown away, it does not exist in our lives. Learn that Christians sin not because they are sinners but because they have a free will and can be temped. 

2013_03_10 The Truth about the Sinful Nature

Journey Into the Resurrection

Come at take a amazing journey into the behind the scenes of the resurrection, of what actually took place during Jesus' death. There were 4 aspects to the Cross. Learn that Jesus was declared to be the Son of God on account of the Resurrection. Jesus did not go to the Cross because of our sins but on account of our sins. But the greatest truth of the resurrection was that Jesus rose on account that we were declared righteous.

2013_03_31 Journey into the Resurrection

Becoming a Breakthrough

God created us with a purpose in mind. He has prepared us in advance to walk in good works he has prepared for us. The greatest satisfacation we can have is knowning we have been place stratigically to be a blessing and a breakthrough for someone.  

2013_04_21 Becoming a Breakthrough

Two Glories

God is raising up a generation that will walk closer to the Lord like no other generation. This generation will be one that is establish in the revelation of Grace and gift of righteousness. It is important that we therefore understand the two glories that are founded or established in blood, two different bloods. 

2013_06_02 Two Glories Intro

Two Glories Part 2

Con't.   During this service God moved powerfully, there was such a sense of His Holiness that came into the church, several of us just broke down weeping, and we believe some kind of transformation that took place. This is a powerful teaching on the two bloods and the two Glories.

2013_06_09 Two Glories Part 2

Identity Part 1

The biggest problem in church today is not sin issues but of identity issues. The church is in an identity crises. When the church stop preaching that identity is based on what you do or don't do then the church will begin to rise up in power and glory. The biggest issue that stops us from walking in identity is not the devil but the law!

2013_06_30 Identity Part 1

Identity Part 2

Cont'. Jesus came, not to show us how to live but to show us what it means to walk in identity. Jesus was affirmed as a Son long before he "did" or "didn't do" a thing. In the same way the Father sees us as sons long before we do anything. Sonship is the vehicle that empowers and restores us to walk in our divine destiny in Christ. It is only by having a sense of God's acceptance and approval we can achieve this.

2013_07_07 Identity Part 2

Made Complete in Him

The Gospel has not only declared us to be forgiven but God's Grace has made us perfectly whole. Before coming to Christ we were incomplete, without Christ and with life. The Father has qualified us to be a son and he comes to infuse us with his Holy Spirit to make us complete. Learn how the Father has done everything for us to make us complete through His Holy Spirit and what he has declared us to be, and what we already have as a result.

2013_07_21 Made Complete in Him

Seasons of Prayer

2013_08_05 Seasons of Prayer

The Adams Families - Part 1

The following are Powerful Teachings that are so simple yet so profound. Understanding the two Adam's Families will bring clarity to what the Gospel is all about and cause the power of God to manifest in our lives. There are two families that man can belong to, under each family you get to inherit the "gift" they bring to humanity. Those things we inherit are based not on what we do or don't do, but the fact we are "born" into them. Christians are not sinners because they sin. All of man inherited First Adam's condition of death not because he sinned but because all are born into fist Adam. Likewise we are "Born-again" into Last Adam's gift not because of our righteous acts but because of His obedience. Last Adam's gift is much more powerful than first and we therefore get to reign in life through his obedience gift of righteousness and aboundance of grace.

2013_08_18 The Adams Families Part 1

The Adams Families - Part 2


2013_08_25 The Adams Families Part 2

The Adams Families - Part 3


2013_09_08 The Adams Families Part 3

The Person of the Holy Spirit - Part 2 

(Unfortunatly Part 1 did not record) The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Jesus said he would give us "another" like Him to be with us because Jesus could only do so much on earth in his humanity. However Jesus made it clear that we need the Holy Spirit to equip the saints to be all we are meant to be. To equip us to bring the rule and reign of the Kingdom to the earth. 

2013_10_13 The Person of the Holy Spirit Part 2

The Person of the Holy Spirit - Part 3A 


2013_10_27 The Person of the Holy Spirit Part 3

Experiencing the Love of God

This preaching was a powerful time of being emersed in the tangilbe love of God. In this time several people experienced the powerful presence and love of God, one woman had a powerful encounter where Jesus told her that he loved her. It is only through experiencing the unconditional love of God that we are changed forever. Chains will break and the blessings of God will overwhelm you as you listen.

2013_12_29 Experiencing the love of God

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