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The Love of the Father or the Prodigal Son?

The parable of the "prodigal son" has been misunderstood by many. The context of this passage is about the Father's love towards those that are lost and cannot find their own way back. Jesus shares three parables to make it clear the true meaning of repentance and the love of the Father to seek after those who are lost and it has nothing to do with the lost person. How can a lost sheep find its way back let alone a lost coin? So it is with the prodigal son, you can do nothing to bring yourself back to God except allow him to love you, allow him to save you and allow him to heal you, that is true repentance. True Grace is recieved when we allow ourselves to be loved by God.

2014_01_05 The Love of the Father

What God is saying for 2014

We feel that this year will be a great year; there will be an increase of favour and glory. The theme for NYE in Sydney was "Shine" and we believe that this will be a year that the church will begin to increase in the “brilliance” of God as Isaiah 60 declares. The promise is that if we arise and shine with the light and life of God then we will attract favour and glory even in the midst of darkness, nations will turn to us because we have what they need. (note there was a technican problem with the recording).

Freed from an Independent and Orphan spirit

God's Grace has done everything for us in order to walk as sons. But there are forces at work to cause us to walk in defeat. God desires that we be free from fear rejection and the hurts from the past in order to see the kingdom come in its fullness. Learn how you can walk freed from an indepentent and orphan spirit.

2014_01_19 Freed from an Independent and Orphan spirit

A life of Learning and Relearning Grace

Our walk as Christians is a life of constant discovery of learning and relearning God's Grace. As leaders it is important that we be teachable and learn, as we unlearn all the false and unbilbical traditions of men in order to be established in God's Grace. In doing so we teach others to do the same. God's Grace has changed everything and it is important how we build life, especially church life, in the process of learning we grow from one degree of glory and another as we behold His Presence.

2014_02_09 A of Life of Learning and Relearning Grace

Praise - The Key to Increased Favour

Praise is not just singing fast songs. Praise is a powerful key that will cause you to not only break strongholds in your life but is the key that opens the door to inreased favour. As you put on the garment of praise it will cause you to attact heavenly resources and favour!

2014_03_02 Praise - The key to Greater Favour

Praise - The Key to Increased Favour Pt2

Con't. Praise needs to be a weapon in the life of a Christian. As we praise we begin to destroy chains of oppression and release the life of God. God used the tribe of Judah to go out first to completely take back what belongs to the people of God, Judah means Praise!

2014_03_16 Praise - The key to Greater Favour Pt2

Eternal Sacrifice

Do we really understand the concept of the sacrificial system? Do we really understand the eternal ramification of Christ's Sacrifice? The sacrifice of Christ has been so misunderstood, it's more than just forgiveness of sins, its more than been justified, it was by one sacrifice that causes us to walk as sons, eternally righteousness and holy.

2014_03_23 Eternal Sacrifice

Eternal Sacrifice Part 2

Our Eternal redepemtion hinged on the one sacrifice, for all time of Jesus Christ himself not our repeatative confessing of sins. It was a once for all time sacrifice and then Jesus sat down, never to deal with the issue of sin ever again. When a high priest sits down it means he has finished his work, and this High Priest sat down forever waiting to make His enemies His footstool.

2014_03_30 Eternal Sacrifice Part 2

Eternally Righteous

Flowing on from the same theme, Christ at the Cross declared us to be eternally righteous to those that believe. Our righteousness is not dependent on our performance but on the eternal once and for all time sacrifice of Christ. Stop beating yourself when you fail He sees you eternally righteous, he will never see you as you do according to your performance but sees you from an eternal perspective because of what Christ has done already.

2014_04_13 Eternally Righteous

Romans Chapter 7 - "Life without the Law" Pt1

Romans Chapter 7 is one of the most misunderstood and confusing Chapters of Romans for many. Paul writes in order to dispel the accusations leveled at the Gospel he preached. Paul declares we are dead to the law, the moral and sacrificial law. In dying to the law we are freed from all requirements, jurisdictions, all penalty and the curse of the law in order that we can live life according to the Spirit and hence bear fruit to God. It totally dispels the false doctrine that we are sanctified through the keeping of law.

2014_04_27 Romans Chapter 7 Pt1


Romans Chapter 7 - "Life without the Law" Pt2


2014_05_04 Romans Chapter 7 Pt2

Living Guilt Free 

God never designed humanity to live with guilt. He never wanted to give us the law. Through the law we become conscious of sin, therefore we feel guilt. Guilt is the root issue of our problems. But now we are under a new covenant where God declares us to be free from the law, the law condemns. The law is a ministry of death. God favour and blessings fade off our lives when we live with guilt. The enemy has used never changed his tactics and will continue to accuse you to make you feel guilty and come back under law. But through the once and for all sacrifice we can new come boldly with confidence knowing he will never condemn us even if we have sinned. Living guilt free will cause us to live in greater victory over sin. 

2014_05_18 Living Guilt Free

How To Remain Free From "Conformity" 

God created us unique, one of a kind and precious by his masterful hands. He loves every part of our uniqueness and desires us to be like a jewel in his hand. But because of the fall we were shaped and conformed according to the pattern of this world, through life’s hurts, disappointments and circumstances. At the Cross Jesus set us free from worldly conformity in order to be re-conformed into the likeness of Jesus. Learn how you do not need to live conformed from the old thought patterns that rob us of the reality we now have in Christ, we are RE-newed and being conformed with ever increasing glory into the likeness of Jesus. 

2014_06_01 Living Free from Conformity

The Fear of the Lord or God's Grace? 

As Christians we are living under the dispensation of Grace, God nolonger relates to us based on our performance. We cannot read the whole bible as though everything is written to us but for us. The Fear of the Lord is a beautiful thing and is part of God's nature, but many have used OT scripture out of context to say we need the fear of the Lord to keep us holy and free from sinning. Learn that we are now under the dispensation of Grace and that Jesus himseld anwers this very issue. 

2014_06_22 The Fear of the Lord vs God's Grace

The Righteousness that is by Faith

God has done everything for us so that we might walk in greatness. There is one gift that will propel you into greatness and that is the gift of righteousness. However we must understand and be willing to receive this gift by faith. So much of the church believes that we are to do righteous things by faith in order to be declared righteous, but it is a free gift that you simply receive. It will cause you to stand before a Holy God without fear, guilt, condemnation or sin-consciousness, it is this ability that will cause you to walk in Holiness and greatness. 

2014_07_13 A Righteousness that is by Faith

The New Creation Nature

One of the most fundamental teaching yet so misunderstood by most of the church. This teaching will give you greater insight into who you are and what Christ has done in you at the Cross. You will understand what has happened to your old nature, the nature you received from first Adam. When you are born-again you are declared a to be new creation with a new nature that is just like Jesus. The reason why so many people are unaware of this new nature is because we are trying to feel it, but you cannot feel either old or new yet the evidence of it can be seen in our lives.  When we live according to truth and not how we feel then it will become evident in our lives.

2014_08_10 The New Creation Nature

Encountering the Holy Spirit

The New Covenant is a promise from God that His Spirit would be with us forever. God gave us His Holy Spirit to empower us for everyday life. This teaching is meant to be a time of encountering the Holy Spirit and learning to get to know Him. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and is God in the earth today. Will you get to know him intimately?

2014_08_17 Encountering the Holy Spirit

Developing a Greater Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Jesus told us that he would send the Holy Spirit to be with us forever. Yet do we really know or have we learned how to be sensitivity to His promptings and His voice? It is our privilege to be lead by the Holy Spirit. If we are born again then we get to do life with the most amazing person - The Holy Spirit. Learning to understanding the things that hinder our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit will also help us to become more sensitive to Him. 

2014_08_24 Developing a Greater Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Developing a Greater Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit Pt2

Con't. Learn how you can develop your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, some principles that can help you on your journey.

2014_08_31 Developing a Greater Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit Pt2

Mystical Union

The most wonderful, so amazing yet so mysterious reality is our eternal union with God. This is such a simple yet so powerful revelation. The moment we become born again we are infused with the Spirit of God to be recreated in an mystical union that words cannot describe. You become a God carrier, not just God with us but God in us! Your union happened 2000 years ago irrespective of your performance, and your closeness to God does not change or fluctuate because of your efforts.  

2014_09_24 Mystical Union

Friendship with the Holy Spirit Pt 1

Of all the Old Testament saints who do you believe qualified to be God's Friend? Many would say Moses, others would say King David, others may say Joseph, yet none of them qualified. It was Abraham whom the bible calls God's friend. But what was his qualification? Did Abraham do great miracles signs and wonders, did he do great exploits? No, the bible declares that Abraham simplied beleived in God's goodness and God credited him the gift of righteousness. Likewise we who have believe in the Gospel qualify to be God's friend.

2014_10_ 05 Friendship with the Holy Spirit


Understanding the Gospel of Grace is the key to walking in courage. God desires that we walk in courage, God told Joshua to be strong and courageous and not to fret in the face of adversity. Learn the key to walking in courage even in the midst of adversity and circumstances. God used Gideon in his weakness to show God strong, God striped him of all security and self effort to reveal God's glory to Israel by defeating the medianites. Learn how God can use your weakness and He declares my power is made perfect in our weaknessess as we trust Him.

2014_10_19 Courgeous

The Supper of The Lord - The Passover Meal

The Lord on Passover instituded the Supper of the Lord. It is God's provision for health and healing. We see the Passover meal as the picture of the finished work of Christ for health and healing to our bodies. If over one million people who partook of the Passover meal remained healthy and there was none feeble how much more by The Lamb Jesus Christ Himslef?

2014_10_26 The Supper of the Lord - The Passover Meal

The Abundant Life Pt1

Jesus Christ came to give us life and life in abundance, he did not come to give us more rules and regulations. Jesus rebuked the leaders of His days because they withheld true life from people. Most leaders, even today are witholding the life Jesus came because they miss understand the context of John 10:10. Learn what it means to have biblical "Zoe" Life and life in abundance as we follow our Sheppard King who leads us in multiple paths of righteousness Pslam 23, not morality, the end result becomes morality as we look to Him who has given us everything in life.

2014_11_02 The Abundant Life

The Abundant Life Pt2


2014_11_09 The Abundant Life Pt2

Faith to Live by Pt1

Faith is the God given gift that receive the moment we are born again. This gift we recieve by Grace enables us or "wires" us to walk in the supernatural. Our new nature is designed to respond in faith to God. Learn how God has placed in us THE measure of Faith or the Faith of God and it is up to us to learn how to develop what we already have. Faith simply takes what Grace has already supplied.

2014_11_30 Faith to live by

Faith to Live by Pt2

Con't. Faith can move mountains, we we are designed to move mountains and obstalces in our way. There are different aspects of Faith. God desires that we walk in the fullness of Faith, of what he has given us, and we learn this begining with the Gospel of Grace. We must contend to not have a righteousness of our own but the gift of righteousenss in order to journey further in our walk of Faith.

2014_12_07 Faith to Live by Pt2

Faith to Live by Pt3

Con't Pt3. Learn principles on how to develop your Faith.

2014_12_14 Faith to Live by Pt3

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